C.I.P. certification for MakSnipe ammo is approved!

In the early 2019 y. our 12 gauge ammo were tested in Slovakian Lieskovec proof house and after passing it, latter their specialists came to Vilnius for our facilities, production line, quality management system inspection, etc. by ISO 9001:2015 standards. After proof house assessment report written on 11th of March 2019 y. we are granted for C.I.P certification on our 4 types of 12 Gauge slug ammo, named:

  • Shocking Defense

  • Power Hunt

  • Pumpkin Ball

  • MK2.

At the moment around us in Baltic's this certificate given only to "GGG" and "DDupleks" ammo production companies, we are 3rd company in Baltic states with this C.I.P. quality standard and 2nd offering 12 gauge slug ammo. This will give us availability to be in 14 new markets, C.I.P. member states. #ShockingDefense #PowerHunt #PumpkinBall #MK2 #CIP

For more info visit: http://www.cip-bobp.org/home

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